Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blocking incoming calls from a PSTN number to Lync extension permanently (from AudioCodes PSTN Gateway)

Today we got a complaint from a user that he gets calls from a specific PSTN  number (+xxxxxxxxxx) repeatedly everyday and hence the user  wanted  to block any calls from that number.

Unfortunately, there were no much help in AudioCodes forum or Microsoft Forums related to this topics. Some Forums were suggesting to use MSPL script to block such calls those details are mentioned below, (you may go through if you find it interesting).

The MSPL script will block the calls from a particular number reaching the Lync end point. [ To download the MSPL script ] [ Step by step guide to use the MSPL Script on the Lync / SfB servers ]  [ To block the Missed call notification ]

However, in our client environment since we were using several trusted applications, implementing these chances on a Critical application like  Lync servers would take several weeks (for tests and approvals).

So we were trying to find a way to block the  PSTN number at the PSTN Gateway end.

In order to replicate the issue, i tried to block all the calls to my Lync  extension from my mobile phone number.  So, first i tried couple of manipulations like creating a Rule in the Gateway such that the calls from a Number to the user's extension are forwarded to Trunk Group #  20 (which is not available in the Gateway). However the calls from my mobile number were still hitting my Lync extension (not sure how it gets a different route though).

So, i worked with my colleague (Will Talbot) on this topic. He suggested  to create a Rule for Destination Number Tel -->IP in the AudioCodes gateway.

Logged in to the AudioCodes  PSTN Gateway.

 Configuration section --> VOIP  -->   GW and IP to IP --> Manipulations --> Destination Number Tel to IP section.

The Rule my colleague (Will Talbot) suggested was to strip all the digits and add athe prefix as all 0's. We tried the rule and test it.

It worked immediately !! All calls from my mobile number to my Lync Extension were blocked successfully.  So I followed the same steps in order to block the annoying calls from the actual PSTN number to the User's Lync extension :-)

Hope this post is  useful for someone who is struggling to block all calls from particular (annoying) PSTN number to a Lync Extension.

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